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There are soooo many ways to generate income today. There are a plethora of innovative work models, so many that fall well outside the standard norms. It’s now common to create income through digital products and online presence; there are unique opportunities for part time work, episodic work, work from home, work remotely…on and on and on.

Uber and Lyft; Task rabbit and Craigslist; Etsy and Fiverr and; VRBO and Airbnb are all companies that have taken the marketplace to new places. They teach us how to travel and shop and work differently. We’re mobile, nimble, and operate in a world of small and narrow niches.

If you have an interest for a niche business, I can almost guarantee you’ll find a Facebook group to join that will give you all the information you’ll need to get started, find resources, obtain reviews, etc. Or if not on Facebook, then through LinkedIn, or Twitter, or one of the other booming social media platforms.

It’s a world made for entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, author-preneurs. This is a time that allows…encourages… individuals to become their own brand, makes it possible for the power of crowd-funding and viral online exposure to create new household names, literally overnight. What the new household names do with that recognition is up to them. But it’s definitely an amazing age for individuals, and the power of branding.

If you need income, think about what you do well; what can you teach, or offer online through a site like Fiverr? What can you find through Taskrabbit? Do you have a product to manufacture? Get funding through Kickstarter.

Do you have great recipes or a product you want to market? Use Pinterest to advertise, or post podcasts to Youtube or launch a blog and grow your following organically.

Become an independent publisher through Amazon or one of the other ebook sites.

Any type of interest or pastime can be used for income generation, with some planning and effort.

If you’re wondering what to do, or how to do, log on to the nearest laptop and start looking. The possibilities will be overwhelming, and though some of the “opportunities” come with pitfalls, persistence still pays, and pays well.

As in times past, beware anything that sounds too good to be true…it is.

Don’t spend a lot of money to learn how to do something you can learn for free by watching Youtube videos, or accessing free online material. Today’s market drivers know they need to offer great value for free, in order to interest you in signing up for an email list, or even thinking about spending money on an e-course or webinar, or some system to teach you more.

And in this era, pay attention to what you say, how you say it, and where you post it. If you haven’t heard the cautionary tales of people losing jobs or even potential interviews because of posting something regrettable on social media…well, it really happens. You do not want to be another sad example of saying too much, to the wrong digital crowd. Be discreet, be thoughtful, and most of all, be you.

Be real.

That counts for so much, in this age of photoshopped and staged images.

Be real, be persistent, offer something of value; that’s today’s work mantra.

So please share: what’s the most unusual job you’ve had? Or the most unusual way you learned about a job?

I’d love to know! And also, please share if you know of unique companies or work models. Maybe someone reading will find their next job from your tip!




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