My Story

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was seeking purpose. She had a very full life: family, friends, home, work, faith. But she was searching for something more, something different.

Over several years of empty-nesting, she began to discover pieces of her purpose. She began to discover purpose that lived within herself, apart from caring for family or being a good person.

She began to write, to speak, to have a voice. At first it was a timid voice, but gradually it grew stronger…not because she believed she had all the answers, but because she finally knew the questions.

And as she asked her questions, she found a few answers. 

She began to wonder if others were like her, struggling to find their purpose and to believe in themselves.

She wrote a book on a subject she knew well. Then she wrote a book about a subject she found fascinating.

Finally, she wrote a book about purpose, and as she wrote, she knew. She knew her purpose.

In fact, she discovered answers she wanted to share, because she was convinced that many, many people were just like her…looking for purpose, but not sure where to search.


I am a joy spreader, writer, entrepreneur; curiosity-driven, kind, woman of faith. Dragon Slayer on occasion. I’m married, often happily, and I have a daughter and a son, and two littles, a boy and girl. I have a wonderful extended family, spread across the U.S. Family and friends are lights in my life.

My husband and I travel, work part time in the field of healthcare, and I write. And I maintain this site, with the help of some technical and design expertise.

I write for pleasure, for myself, for others; to share, to offer ideas and encouragement, and to fulfill my purpose.

Oh yes, and when I’m not writing, I cook.