I’m glad you’ve found Story Revisioned! I hope you’ll browse the site and explore what’s offered: lots of practical tools to evaluate and redesign your life, daily encouragement, and an opportunity to revise the most fundamental asset you have: yourself!

I created Story Revisioned to share knowledge and insight I gained through my search for reset, the tools and formulas I created to find my path, and the commitment I have to each individual who comes to do their work of personal revision.

The name is symbolic of the heart of this site. A revision is a do-over, a newer and better version of something or someone. It takes vision to design a new life, a new you. And each life tells a story, a story no other life can tell.

Thus, Story Revisioned. The name signals intention, a bold statement of will and determination to create a vision for your personal story.

Join me. Learn with me.

What are you searching for? Greater fulfillment and joy in your personal life? More rewarding professional experience? Spiritual awareness? Creative expression?

I wanted all of this too. I found answers, and I can help you find yours.

I promise you won’t regret it.

I’ll start by sharing several free tools that will launch your efforts, set you on the road to your life revision, and fire you with excitement and promise.

Come on! Let’s move forward together, shall we?

Provide your name and email address below, and let’s begin. So happy to have you along on the journey!