From sea to shining sea

There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.   ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

June 2016. This is a crazy time…US politics are surreal, international politics are turned upside down, terrorism erupts with random and increasing frequency, and it seems the opinions on all sides are ever more strident and divisive. Is there any cooperative spirit left in the world? Is there integrity anywhere? Who can solve the troubles of humanity, collectively, and nation by nation?

These are difficult questions, and the answers we seem to find are as divisive as the issues that separate people into right and left, religious and not, nationalities and identities all mangled in the lining up against one another.

It’s discouraging to read the headlines, or hear about yet another attack.

And yet…and yet…

There are good things on the horizon as well as all the events that make the news sites. But we don’t see the good as easily as the situations and events that frighten us, or anger us, or just weary us.

I spent the past few weeks really looking for hope, for positives, for the good things of life. These are a few I noticed.

  • tourists lining up to make photos of a Hawaiian sky, politely making room for everyone and stopping to admire the magnificence of the sunset reflecting on the waves
  • the generosity of online special interest groups sharing information, tips, encouragement, and advice, all for free, just because a group member asks a question
  • summer camps and programs that use young people to provide assistance to community members who need help
  • outpouring of sympathy and words of encouragement to people who have experienced the unthinkable…and even though writing a few words of condolence doesn’t cost anything, it’s amazing how many people take the time to reach out to strangers…for all the mis-use of social media, some situations are shining examples of compassion and kindness
  • in the small community where I often work, there is a regular display of financial generosity when there is a medical need…fundraisers do a lot of great work in this small town, and indeed, in small towns all over
  • Connectedness of old friends…I’m amazed to be in touch again with people I haven’t spoken to in decades…again, the power of social media, done right
  • sites like Go Fund Me, which enables individuals to donate to needs in a direct way, to anyone, anywhere
  • growing awareness of the waste of food, and how to feed the hungry of the world by using what we already have more efficiently and wisely
  • the coming 2016 Summer Olympics…for all the hype and negatives surrounding the Olympics, the games always give the world amazing stories of personal dedication, strength, persistence, and sheer athletic splendor that inspire and challenge
  • democracy at work…whatever your opinion of the decisions voters are making this year, it’s still a glorious idea…individuals have a voice, and a right to use their voice in shaping their government and country
  • The ozone hole above Antartica is healing…

What about you? What have you noticed, to counteract all the uncertainty, doom and gloom?

Please share in the comments…my list is only an small sample I’m sure!


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