Say something that matters

I am one voice, a small voice, writing away, sharing perspective, passion, my truth.

It’s easy to get lost, to believe that no one hears what I have to say; to wonder if what I have to say means anything, anyway.

There are so many people doing the same thing…does the world need one more person, writing their truth?


The world needs all of us, every one of us, writing, speaking, singing, signing, acting, being, our truth. For without all of us sharing what we know, what we’ve learned, how will the next generation learn?

How will the next person I meet learn from me, or I from them?

That’s all this site is about, really. It’s just sharing what I know and believe. It’s sharing perspective that I think has meaning.

I can’t know, as I write, if my words will influence anyone, or many people. I can’t know what exact thing I may say that will make a difference. Maybe none of what I write will make a difference.

But the point is, I want to try. I have to try.

I want to be a voice that says be strong, be brave, be kind.

Root for the little guy, and look out for the children.

Live with integrity and dignity, and with joy.

Live with faith.

Do your best, and be kind.

And don’t look for opportunities to get your feelings hurt.

Be a lighthouse if you can. Be a lantern. Be a flashlight.

But be a light.

That’s all.

What about you? How are you using your voice? Your story?

It’s not about knowing everything, or getting it all right. But you know something of value, have learned something that others need to know.

Someone out there can learn from me, and I from them.

Someone out there can learn from you.

Say something that matters. Make your words, your choices, your life, count for something.

Be intentional. Live with purpose.

That’s all.

~ Sheila

I’ve chosen my purpose, and you can too. Lean how:  Choose Your Purpose, Love Your Life




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