10 signs you’re living with purpose

I used to struggle with the question of purpose. I couldn’t have named my purpose if my life depended on it. Was I doing what I was destined to do, supposed to do, skilled at doing…with my life? Was I frittering my life away, not focused enough, not doing anything meaningful? And how could I answer these questions if I couldn’t even name my purpose?

I don’t wrestle with these questions any more. I found my answers. More than that, I answered a lot of questions about these concepts that helped me understand how each person can choose a purpose that is uniquely right for them.

If you wonder if you’re living with purpose, these are ten telling signs to look for.

  1. Work or effort that supports your purpose flows out of you…nothing feels forced or artificial.
  2. The ways you fulfill your purpose feeds you in turn…you’re emotionally satisfied with the manifestation of your purpose.
  3. Even when you feel physically tired from doing work that is purposed-centered, you’re not emotionally depleted.
  4. You’re always eager / excited for purpose-centered activity.
  5. You’re not hung up on whether you make income from purpose-centered work…some people make a living by fulfilling their purpose, and others find purpose in creative or voluntary work that doesn’t reward them financially. Purpose does not equate to income.
  6. You’re at peace with yourself…you’re don’t feel restless, bored, or unfulfilled.
  7. Your choice of purpose can change with your season of life, and you understand that.
  8. Your sense of living with purpose is not based on status, ego, or pride. You’re satisfied with your choice of purpose because it is right for you, not because it will impress anyone else.
  9. Your choice of purpose reflects integrity of your values and beliefs; you’re in sync with yourself.
  10. Living with purpose gives you a sense of freedom, rather than a sense of being burdened or tied down.

If you read this list and find questions churning through your thoughts, it’s likely that you haven’t chosen purpose for yourself. Maybe you’re living someone else’s vision for your life? Or maybe you’re wandering aimlessly, waiting for inspiration to strike?

If you need help, I can help. I’ve been down this path, I’ve wandered all over this desert. Email me, I’d love to connect.

Another option: pick up the book I wrote about this. If you’re confused, it could be a game-changer…a life-changer for you. It was for me. I don’t say that to brag…I’m not brilliant or wise, necessarily, but I searched for a long time. And I finally worked it out.

That’s all.

For the book: Choose Your Purpose, Love Your Life

Let’s connect! I’d love to hear from you! Sheila@storyrevisioned.com

~ Sheila



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