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Five steps to success: share your dream

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I love handy memory tricks, life hacks, formulas that are pithy and useful. I love anything that helps me succeed, and that’s what I’m sharing today. You can create a

The power of your narrative

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I write a lot about the power of personal narrative. How do I shape my life by the story I tell myself? How much of my life is self-fulfilling prophecy,

Doing the math for your future (AKA retirement)

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It’s an easy concept to grasp…if you expect to be able to retire, you’ll have to have enough money to support your lifestyle without working. Simple, right? But it can

Thinking about a move? Considering a retirement location?

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If you’re reviewing your financial strategy, there’s no doubt cost of housing is a major factor to consider. Whether you’re thinking about job options or retirement, some regions of the

Bored already?! Summer Fun, 50+ things to do

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So here it is again: summer…and whether you’re looking for ideas to fill long days/weekends, you’re managing your kids and trying to keep them from getting too much screen time,

How to know you’ve found your purpose

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As someone who’s struggled to identify my purpose most of my adult life, I feel I can speak to this issue with real understanding and insight. I struggled so long

Retirement, anyone? Not quite yet!

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Life goes so quickly. The experiences flash by, in a never-ending flood. I’m amazed that my children are adults, that I’ve been an empty-nester for a decade, that I find

Strategic Plan

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If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, you’ve probably heard the term “strategic plan.” This is the document that defines an organization: states the mission, vision, goals, and sets