Well-being. Being well.

Many people need to revise their physical story. Issues of overall health, weight, choices of habit (or lack of habit), self-image…the list for where to begin is long.

Few of us get it all right. Like most, I have my weak points. I have some things going for me…non-smoker, no drug habit, no prescriptions thus far.

I have some struggles. I never met a carb I didn’t like. I’m short (5’2″). I don’t particularly like to work out, though I do it, mostly out of guilt and fear of losing ground if I don’t make it to the gym.

My biggest challenge…I love to cook, and I enjoy food.

I’ve always used portion control to manage weight. And I generally have a healthy diet, supplemented by a few favorite sweets now and then.

Though this site can’t compete with Pinterest to offer recipes or work out posts, I can use this space to encourage readers to be healthy. We can all use reminders, right?

There are many ways to increase well-being.

  • Nurture your relationships
  • Take care of your physical self: exercise
  • Improve your sleep
  • Meditate
  • Practice faith
  • Volunteer for a cause you believe in
  • Get active
  • Slow down
  • Eat well
  • Broaden your mind
  • Forgive someone
  • Forgive yourself
  • Laugh

Looking at each of these ways to be well will fill pages, motivate, and help you with this part of your story. If you have a suggestion for how you manage any of these issues, please share. We can all use all the help we can get!

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