Overnight success, one day at a time

Some days I feel like a turtle. Slow but steady is my game plan. Success is on the horizon, if not within immediate grasp.

How do you know you’re making progress when the days turn into weeks, months, even years, and you’re still blogging away, doing a lot of the same things, but not breaking any records? Not turning into the newest household name in the blogging industry?

For sure, overnight success does not come easily, or quickly.

Maybe there’s really no such thing?

I remind myself I didn’t start down this path to become famous, and that’s not my goal now. Determining success is a subjective measure. I started blogging because it was a natural outlet, a way for me to connect with others, to share a bit, and to offer encouragement and support. I chose this medium for convenience, for the accessibility, the affordability, and the freedom. No one controls what I write, when I write, or who reads. The cost is minimal, and I can blog from any place that has an internet connection.

To be honest and realistic, I may never be a household name in the blogging world, the digital equivalent of a best selling author. But if that’s not my ambition, then what does it matter? Can I be a success, even if my stats aren’t off the chart?

The online industry is focused on stats, followers, likes, email lists, and monthly income. You see posts from industry leaders that share all their monthly info to verify to their audience that they’re as successful in reality as their sites imply. And I’m impressed by the page view numbers and income reports they show.

I’m also grateful, because many of these people are giving away a wealth of content, mentoring folks like me who are trying to build a brand, create a community, and secure a living from an online presence.

It’s not easy, and even though some people have cracked the code, I’m pretty sure, from reading about their starts, that they had days of doubt and difficulty as well.

This is a baby industry, still, and it shifts and changes with social media, new tools, insights, and the growing audience of digital users.

So why am I writing about this, today?

I’m sharing a slice of my story, my aspirations, my insecurities. I want to say to anyone reading, and regardless of what you’re trying to achieve: you’re not alone. There are cheerleaders out there who are waiting to support you, sometimes with words of encouragements, and sometimes with information that will pay off for you.

Whether you’re part of an online Facebook group, a local support group of some kind, a church fellowship, a mom group, a group of gym friends, a network of co-workers…whatever groups you’re in or could join, you can find friendly faces, advice, wisdom, and partnership.

This is how it works: you begin. You think about what you’re interested in, already involved in, or want to participate in. You look for groups that support that interest, you connect, either in person or online, and then you participate.

That’s really all there is to finding support, at least at a basic level.

You can gain entry to most groups for free, or for very little cost. Money doesn’t have to be a barrier. You can get free internet access at libraries, and most support groups that meet in person welcome new members for free.

When I feel most turtle-like, I go to my online support network. I ask tech questions, read about other’s ah-ha moments, victories, and failures. I can post questions about options I’m considering, get feedback, find encouragement, and start again.

It’s part of the process of becoming an overnight success. For me, that means that eventually I’ll make a living from my writing. No fame necessary, or even desired. But that overnight thing…I don’t think that really happens for most people.

For me, it’s been a slow climb, and I’m still climbing.

Thanks to a good network, I’m ok to do that.

Do you need support? Are you getting what you need to fuel your dreams? What are you waiting for?

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to take your goals to the next level. Share in the comments?

~ Sheila

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