Stories I tell myself

Funny how pride can trip you up. Funny how it can blind you to reality, especially when part of what you’re proud of is that you always live in reality.

Love is

Love is perhaps the most over-used and least understood word in any language. And today, Valentine’s Day, it is especially overworked. Love is the key word in all the cards

Today’s Grace

My truth

Are you a truth-teller? A truth-seeker? I like to think I am. But while there are “real” truths…facts like 2 + 2 = 4, and forces like gravity, that will


I often write about the challenges of life at my stage: empty-nester, part-time worker, full-time budding entrepreneur, wife, mom to young adults, grandparent, daughter, friend. The intent is to share

Happy day

Today is a happy day. This is our 32nd anniversary. Not a particularly noteworthy number; but though the number itself isn’t special, this year had its own markers that make

Mo betta with two

  11.02.2012   Joys, Love, Personal philosophy   8 Comments

Rob is coming home this morning. After a week apart, my heart is singing to see him again. I tell him, “It’s mo betta with two,” a silly phrase left

Voice of wisdom

Quote of the day: Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good times and bad times. It settles for

Here comes the bride!

It’s summer, the bridal season: the most popular time of year for weddings. I was looking through a Bride magazine a few days ago, waiting in the check-out line in

What would you do in six months?

My husband was reading a book recently that referenced a woman who routinely considers what she would do if she only had six months left to live. Of course, if


  8.06.2011   Joys, Personal philosophy   4 Comments

Yes, we really did it. Rob and I did a tandem sky dive jump on his 50th birthday. I wasn’t nervous until about five seconds before we jumped. We were

Training for transition

  7.06.2011   Personal philosophy   1 Comment

I’m training my replacement at work. By mutual agreement, I am transitioning to another position in the hospital, one that I will hold until the house sells and we leave