Travel like a local

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Travel is an amazing gift to life, one of the joys of living. If you’re the sort who’s always dreaming of your next adventure, read on, I’ll share a few

How to know you’ve found your purpose

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As someone who’s struggled to identify my purpose most of my adult life, I feel I can speak to this issue with real understanding and insight. I struggled so long

Wave of feelings

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I have a set point for happiness. My natural mood tends to be positive and optimistic. But there are days that’s not the norm. Some mornings I wake up in

Need income? Start here

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There are soooo many ways to generate income today. There are a plethora of innovative work models, so many that fall well outside the standard norms. It’s now common to

Retirement, anyone? Not quite yet!

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Life goes so quickly. The experiences flash by, in a never-ending flood. I’m amazed that my children are adults, that I’ve been an empty-nester for a decade, that I find

The power of small goals

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When you’re designing your life, or thinking about what you want to change, do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel lost, don’t know what to do first? Don’t know what

Strategic Plan

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If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, you’ve probably heard the term “strategic plan.” This is the document that defines an organization: states the mission, vision, goals, and sets

Am I a technology addict?

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Technology is a double-edged sword. Even as we’re consumed by it, we recognize the danger: people connected through digital relationships and experiences rather than face-to-face ties; dinner conversations forsaken for

“I owe you” – a key to fulfilling obligations

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Are you a promise-keeper? Do you follow up when you say you will, produce the work you committed to creating, do the task you volunteered to undertake? I like to

Balance and sanity

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Wouldn’t it be nice to live in peace? In harmony with your family, work, finances, yourself? There are so many pieces of life that need balance and sanity. In fact,

Healthy self, healthy relationships

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Let’s play a game. Ask yourself: What if your relationships could be deep, rich, full of joy and meaning? What if you could talk out your issues without arguing? What

Well-being. Being well.

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Many people need to revise their physical story. Issues of overall health, weight, choices of habit (or lack of habit), self-image…the list for where to begin is long. Few of