Sites worth knowing

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The world of the internet is an amazing gift to our age. Yes, it has a negative side too; there are plenty of places to learn about online sites and


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Sobriety. It’s a word that can have many meanings. Often we associate the term sobriety with the use, or misuse, of alcohol. Alcohol is not the villain, nor is money,

Road Trip!

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I’ve spent a lot of the last decade of my life living on islands. Some are smaller than others, but they all have one limitation in common…there’s not a lot

Creating Time

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One of my favorite quotes is from Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. The days are long, but the years are short. Those words conjure memories of marathon days

Inspire yourself

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What inspires you? A great book, words of wisdom, a beautiful movie? Please share if you’d like. These are some of my favorites…mostly quotes, but now and then something else may find

Journal Topics

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My dad was always a diarist, which is the slightly old-fashioned term for journaling. Odd that the companion term is “journalist.” When I hear that word, I think of news

Plan your day, plan your life

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There are so many things to plan in life! From the moment of birth, people are planning things for us. A few short years later, we begin to plan for

Peaceful Places

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Those magic spots that fill hearts, whisper to us of childhood memories or faraway longings, or beauty so amazing it’s almost heart stopping… What places speak to you? Do you

Focus Exercises

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Focus. It seems in short supply these days. So many people are diagnosed with attention disorders. We endure the constant interruptions of phone and texts, breaking alerts, fast paced days