No fear!

This site launched last week, and the book as well, and thanks to the generosity of so many on Facebook and Twitter, posting and re-posting my announcement of the free Kindle listing, I had 192 downloads during the promotion.

I’m thrilled so many people took advantage of the offer, and I’m really hoping the free copies will generate the reviews that are so critical to self-published book sales. Not bad for a book that had no pre-launch. It is a work in progress, this management of media and the leveraging of publicity and tools.

But even more fun than seeing the download numbers tick up, it feels like maybe the book, and the subject, the concept of choosing your purpose, has touched a nerve, and that’s just what I hoped.

I wrote the book as an answer to my own questions, writing as I worked through my process of discovery, and synthesizing many resources. In the past year, I can’t count how often the subject of life purpose has come up in casual conversation, not because I introduced the topic, but because someone else did.

I used to believe that most people had a sense of purpose, that I was in the minority, not really having a clearly defined purpose for my life, outside of faith and family. But I’ve come to believe that likely it’s the other way around, that many, many people can’t answer that question for themselves, and feel somewhat aimless, somewhat lacking.

It’s a topic that brings frustration and angst to the surface, with little effort.

So to think that even the title of the book draws people to download, that’s encouraging. Because the point of writing the book was to share what I’ve learned, to see if there really are kindred spirits out there.

The fearful side of me wonders if the rush of downloads is only because the book was offered for free; if sales will dry up once the price goes up.

Well, time will tell. A lot will depend on me, how I promote it, and what I continue to do to support the book and related work. It’s something I’ve put my heart into, because I was a long time finding these answers. The work has been meaningful, to me, and, as Ann Voskamp says, I’m “preaching gospel to myself.”

I want to say, as loudly as I can, through this site, through Facebook and Twitter, through any means I can, if you have something to say, step up and say it! Write it, speak it, share it one way or another. This digital era is amazing in so many ways, allowing anyone to create a platform, a way to share their message, without having to ask anyone’s permission or funding.

For all the negatives of social media, and there are many, there are positives. There is the generous sharing of information by so many…valuable content, promotional messages, review exchanges, free listing opportunities, free photos and graphics, etc., etc., etc.

If you want to create, do it. If you have a message in you, a book, a product, whatever…look for ways to make your vision come true. I am just one more proof that anyone can write their story, voice their feelings, find their purpose.

Thanks to everyone who visited the new site last week, who clicked to download the book, and who’s willing to be engaged. You’re part of my story now, and I’m part of yours. To whatever extent we’ve connected, I’m honored and feel blessed.

If you’re reading and haven’t signed up to receive emails with new posts and other helps, please do! You’ll find a free gift waiting for you, and along the way there’ll be many more. I want to pay forward the generous spirit of so many writers and entrepreneurs online who give of themselves. It feels good to have something to offer, something I’m excited to share.

~ Sheila




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