Same food every day? No thanks! Simplify life? Yes, please!

I read a blog post a few days ago promoting the practice of eating the same food every day. The author described his diet, foods he chooses for each meal, and said he believed eating this way removes a lot of routine decision making from his life.

He also takes care to choose nutritious foods, so by making a good decision once, he dodges the times when a poor choice might lead to eating junk food.

The model he was using was based on the habits of some successful people who wear the same thing every day, by choice. Again, eliminating routine decisions, streamlining a daily activity, and simplifying life.

I get it. I understand that life is busy, and for many, overwhelming, and that simplifying anything is a help.

But neither of these areas would be my choice for simplifying.

Oh, maybe for a short time, limiting your diet choices or clothing options would be fine, even helpful. We do that in small ways when we’re ill, or perhaps when we travel and we’re trying to pack in minimal style.

But I also think these daily choices reflect many things…important things…about life.

To each his own, and if eating the same meals each day works for anyone, great.

For myself, I’ll look for other ways to simplify and streamline.

For instance:

  • I limit hobbies. I blog and travel, and while I’d love to garden, or craft, or pursue other interests, I can only do so much. Maybe one day I’ll do those things, but if I do, I’ll limit something else.
  • I limit my choices for social media. I use Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest. I have accounts on some other platforms, but I don’t engage on others…I can only do so much.
  • I limit my time on social media. I check in daily, but I don’t try to live there, and I don’t try to post my day-to-day activities.
  • I limit leisure reading. I can’t believe I’m saying this, reader that I am, but I read so much for my work, I am very selective about what I read for pleasure. I always have a list I’m working through, but I can’t get to everything I’d like.
  • I limit TV. I watch an occasional movie or series via streaming, but I don’t watch anything on a regular or daily basis.
  • I limit my writing projects. I have many, many ideas on my to-do list, but I focus on no more than two at a time.
  • I limit my housing options…right now, my husband and I don’t own a home, don’t have a specific place we call home, due to the way we work. I’ve written about that choice here, That frees a lot of time, energy, and money to do other things. I love creating a home, and one day I’ll do that again, but for now, this is a choice of simplifying life.
  • I limit the work I do for income. As empty-nesters, with my husband and I both working part-time, we can afford our chosen lifestyle and have significant blocks of time during the year for travel, to spend time with family, and to work on personal interests. For me, the additional discretionary time is worth the income I sacrifice. Time is worth more to me than money.

As I think about these choices, how I manage time and resources, I realize I have control over many elements that are significant, and choosing to be deliberate in how I invest myself feels good.

How about you? How are you selective in managing your life choices?

Please share! I’d love to hear other ideas!

~ Sheila


  • October 15, 2019, 1:47 am  Reply

    Cool! Thank you so much for sharing this. I agree with everything that is written here. Keep it up! I will share this with others as well.

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