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reflections on personal revision

Spirit of tolerance
13 September

In this era of easy access to the world through the microphone of social media, it’s often difficult to have

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digital knowledge
Digital knowledge: sharing what I’m learning
8 September

Gathering digital knowledge sometimes feels like I’m in a self-taught college class. I spend a lot of time, energy, money,

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Overnight success, one day at a time
5 September

Some days I feel like a turtle. Slow but steady is my game plan. Success is on the horizon, if

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Arguing for your limitations? Five ways to change your view of yourself
1 September

What are you struggling with? What do you need to overcome to succeed, or to improve, be the person you

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Say something that matters
30 August

I am one voice, a small voice, writing away, sharing perspective, passion, my truth. It’s easy to get lost, to

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Nuisance or soothing? All in the framing.
29 August

This summer we stayed in a house that was situated next to a stream. The house wasn’t air-conditioned, and even

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Four easy ways to access online help
24 August

I love this age of easy digital access to so much great information! Social media has it’s downside, no doubt.

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Hungry for change? 10 steps to a future you
16 August

Are you hungry for change in your life? How hungry? Mildly bored and open to change? Or aching, longing, desperate

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30 day challenges: what do you have to gain?
15 August

Are you struggling to make a change in your life? Add some fitness element, change your diet, establish a habit?

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