Iconic landmarks in every state

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If you love traveling and having a list to check off, here’s one for your summer, or maybe the next few summers: iconic landmarks¬†from all 50 US states. Start by

Bored already?! Summer Fun, 50+ things to do

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So here it is again: summer…and whether you’re looking for ideas to fill long days/weekends, you’re managing your kids and trying to keep them from getting too much screen time,

Travel like a local

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Travel is an amazing gift to life, one of the joys of living. If you’re the sort who’s always dreaming of your next adventure, read on, I’ll share a few

Road Trip!

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I’ve spent a lot of the last decade of my life living on islands. Some are smaller than others, but they all have one limitation in common…there’s not a lot

Peaceful Places

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Those magic spots that fill hearts, whisper to us of childhood memories or faraway longings, or beauty so amazing it’s almost heart stopping… What places speak to you? Do you