Fall colors: looking in all the right places!

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Leaf peeping, courtesy of USA Today…get your traveling shoes on and get out there and enjoy the fall colors! It’s my favorite time of year. September has always seemed like

Five steps to success: share your dream

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I love handy memory tricks, life hacks, formulas that are pithy and useful. I love anything that helps me succeed, and that’s what I’m sharing today. You can create a

The power of your narrative

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I write a lot about the power of personal narrative. How do I shape my life by the story I tell myself? How much of my life is self-fulfilling prophecy,

Get to know your younger self

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A year ago I was getting ready for a week long retreat in Napa Valley, taking part in an intensive program of introspection, journaling, group sessions, and taking a long

Travel like a local

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Travel is an amazing gift to life, one of the joys of living. If you’re the sort who’s always dreaming of your next adventure, read on, I’ll share a few

Sites worth knowing

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The world of the internet is an amazing gift to our age. Yes, it has a negative side too; there are plenty of places to learn about online sites and

Inspire yourself

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What inspires you? A great book, words of wisdom, a beautiful movie? Please share if you’d like. These are some of my favorites…mostly quotes, but now and then something else may find

Peaceful Places

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Those magic spots that fill hearts, whisper to us of childhood memories or faraway longings, or beauty so amazing it’s almost heart stopping… What places speak to you? Do you