Going on vacation? Set yourself up for a smooth re-entry!

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I love to travel, and when it’s time to leave for vacation, I’m always ready to go. Road trips, flights, ferries…sign me up! But no matter how wonderful the vacation

Fall colors: looking in all the right places!

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Leaf peeping, courtesy of USA Today…get your traveling shoes on and get out there and enjoy the fall colors! It’s my favorite time of year. September has always seemed like

Eat with your eyes!

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There’s an old saying that you eat first with your eyes. That usually refers to the visual appeal of food, the importance of food looking good as well as tasting

Five steps to success: share your dream

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I love handy memory tricks, life hacks, formulas that are pithy and useful. I love anything that helps me succeed, and that’s what I’m sharing today. You can create a

The power of your narrative

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I write a lot about the power of personal narrative. How do I shape my life by the story I tell myself? How much of my life is self-fulfilling prophecy,

What’s your financial narrative?

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You’ve probably heard the term “family of origin” in reference to childhood experiences, point of view, the forces that shape each of us from our earliest memories. We know we’re

Doing the math for your future (AKA retirement)

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It’s an easy concept to grasp…if you expect to be able to retire, you’ll have to have enough money to support your lifestyle without working. Simple, right? But it can

Get to know your younger self

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A year ago I was getting ready for a week long retreat in Napa Valley, taking part in an intensive program of introspection, journaling, group sessions, and taking a long

Thinking about a move? Considering a retirement location?

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If you’re reviewing your financial strategy, there’s no doubt cost of housing is a major factor to consider. Whether you’re thinking about job options or retirement, some regions of the

Season of light, hope vs fear

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Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.  ~ Sir Winston Churchill It’s that time of year again, summer, when the Alaska

Iconic landmarks in every state

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If you love traveling and having a list to check off, here’s one for your summer, or maybe the next few summers: iconic landmarks from all 50 US states. Start by

Bored already?! Summer Fun, 50+ things to do

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So here it is again: summer…and whether you’re looking for ideas to fill long days/weekends, you’re managing your kids and trying to keep them from getting too much screen time,